NZAOC June 1930 to May 1931


The strength of the NZAOC on  31st May 1931 was 21 consisting of;

  • 2 Officers
  • 19 Permanent Other Ranks

Key Appointments

Director of Ordnance Services

  • Major Thomas Joseph King, NZAOC

Inspecting Officer Ordnance and Ordnance Mechanical Engineer

  • Major W Ivory, RNZA

Inspecting Ordnance Officer

  • Lieutenant A. de T. Nevill, RNZA

Northern Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captain F. E. Ford, NZAOC

Central Command Ordnance Officer

  • Lieutenant H. E. Erridge NZAOC

Southern Command Ordnance Depot

  • Captian A.R.C White, NZAOC

Assistant Inspecting Ordnance Officer and Ordnance Mechanical Engineer

  • Lieutenant I. R. Withell, RNZA

Assistant Chief Ordnance Officer Trentham Camp

  • Captain W. R. Burge, M.C., NZSC

Ordnance Officer Main Depot and Officer in Charge Trentham Military Camp

  • Captain W. M. Bell, NZAOC

Mass Retrenchment

With the Depression affecting the New Zealand economy, the NZAOC was forced to retrench many of its staff. This was achieved by  using the provisions of section 39 of the Finance Act, 1930 (No. 2) and by transferring staff to the Civil service,

The Finance Act, 1930 (No. 2) authorized the retirement on superannuation of any member of the Permanent Force or the Permanent Staff under the Defence Act, 1909, or of the clerical staff of the Defence Department whose age or length of service was such that if five years was added thereto they would have been enabled as of right or with the consent of the Minister of Defence to have given notice to retire voluntarily. Using this act a  total of six officers and Thirty-eight other ranks of the NZAOC were retired on superannuation as from the 31st March 1931.

Seventy-four NZAOC staff (excluding officers and artificers) who were not eligible for retirement were transferred to the civil staff to work in the same positions but at a lower rate of pay.

1931 Napier Earthquake Relief

On account of the disastrous earthquake that struck Napier and Hastings on the 3rd February 1931, the NZAOC was called upon at short notice to supply tents, blankets, bedding, cooking and eating utensils, for use in the stricken areas. The total value of the stores issued from the Ordnance Stores at Trentham was £35,000. The Ordnance staff did particularly good work in dispatching these stores and equipment. All members of the military staff in the earthquake area were detailed for relief work, as well as personnel from other centres, and on the 6th March 1931, there were twelve officers and forty-six other ranks employed in connection with the relief camps. All ranks engaged in the relief effort were deserving of great credit for the manner in which they carried out their duties under trying conditions.

Ordnance Workshops Mount Cook

The Ordnance workshop located at Mount Cook was relocated to Trentham Camp.

1931 Releases

  • Private Gordon Cumming Bremner
  • Private Frank Jewiss
  • Lance Corporal James Johnston Bolt
  • Lance Corporal Kenneth Hoare
  • Corporal Gordon James Francis Arenas
  • Corporal John Hunter
  • Corporal H.W Le Comte
  • Corporal John Sawyer
  • Sergeant Alfred Charles Butler
  • Sergeant Thomas Alexander Hunter
  • Sergeant William John Rabbidge
  • Staff Quartermaster Sergeant James Alexander Kenning
  • Lieutenant Michael Joseph Lyons
  • Captain W. M. Bell, NZAOC
  • Captain F. E. Ford, NZAOC
  • Captain A. R. C. White, NZAOC


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