NZAOC June 1946 to May 1947

This article carries on from the post,  NZAOC June 1945 to 1946 and covers the activity’s of the NZAOC from June 1946 to May 1947. The period was to be very eventful for the NZAOC.

Reorganization of New Zealand Military Forces

Formation of NZEME

On 1 September 1946 the MT Workshops, Ordnance Workshops and Armourers Workshops combined to form the New Zealand Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The MT Stores would transfer to NZAOC control, becoming workshops stores sections in later years.

Combining of Regular and Non-Regular Forces

During the year the distinction between Regular and non-Regular soldiers which had been in place since the Defence Act of 1909 was removed. The New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps would now be comprised of both Regular and non-Regular personnel from the The New Zealand Ordnance Corps (NZOC), The NZOC had been constituted as a stand-alone Corps of the Territorial Army in December 1940 and had been in suspension since 1944.

NZAOC Stores

The NZAOC Stores Depots were located at the following locations, the Major change in this period was the handing over of Sylvia Park by the US Forces to the NZ Army;


  • Main Ordnance Depot, including
    • Bulk Stores Sub Depots, at
      • Gracefield, Lower Hutt.
    • HQ Ammunition Group, with sections at
      • Belmont,
      • Moko Moko,
      • Kuku Valley,
      • Waiouru.


  • Vehicle Depot, Sylvia Park,
  • Ammunition Magazines at  Ardmore.


  • No 1 Ordnance Depot,
  • Ammunition Magazines at Kelms Road.

Linton Camp 

  • No 2 Ordnance Depot.
    • Waiouru Sub Depot


  • No 3 Ordnance Depot
  • Ammunition magazines at
    • Alexandra,
    • Fairlie,
    • Glen Tunnel,
    • Mount Somers.


All NZAOC establishments were fully occupied in consolidating and maintaining stocks and in the disposal of substantial surplus holdings through War Assets Realization Board.

Considerable shipments of clothing, necessaries, and barrack stores were made to B.C.0.F. in Japan were made during the year.

The following transactions were recorded for the year:

  • Receipts – No less than 536,355
  • Issues – 665,953.

At all depots suffered from severe shortages of personnel, which prevented preservation work on much of the valuable equipment held, resulting in avoidable deterioration, mainly where the material was stored in the open.

Surplus Stores

The total value of  disposals amounted to £790000 (2017 NZD$64,526,315.79) distributed as follows

  • UNRRA, CORSO, and overseas relief –  £68,000 (2017 NZD$5,554,163.89)
  • Other overseas – £190,000 (2017 NZD$15,518,987.34)
  • Goods sold in New Zealand/ transferred to the Defence Services Provision Office for overseas disposal. £532,000 (2017 NZD$43,453,164.56)


The Inspecting Ordnance Officers Group was employed on the inspection and repair of ammunition and explosive stores and the disposal of unserviceable and unsafe stores, including the disposal of chemical-warfare weapons by dumping at sea. The latter project was completed, but other activities were hampered by shortages of staff.



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