About ‘Sua Tela Tontanti’ The History of the RNZAOC

As a former RNZAOC soldier, I have a passion for the history of my Corps.   With time on my hands, I took the opportunity to review Major Joe Bolton’s 1992: A History of The Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps and research some aspects of New Zealand’s Ordnance Corps history in more detail and in the process have discovered a raft of forgotten and untold history waiting to be told.

The contribution of the New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps(NZAOC) to the success of the NZEF in both world wars has rarely been examined and often just mentioned as a footnote in most contemporary histories. To many, the story of the NZAOC in both world wars has been forgotten and deemed by many not worthy of recording. The New Zealand Divisions were regarded as one of the finest, and a contributing factor to this success was the Ordnance support provided by the NZAOC. On the home front, a bulk of the files relating to the Defence Stores Department (the predecessor to the Home Service NZAOC) and the early years of the Ordnance Corps were lost in a fire in the 1950’s.  Leaving a massive hole from the interwar years, so it is now a race to capture and record as much information as possible. There are no longer any Ordnance Soldiers from the pre-WW2 years, and the post-war generations are thinning out so I plan to gather as much information, record it and preserve what we can for the future generations.



RNZAOC Corps Painting by Graham Braddock, RNZAOC/public domain



10 thoughts on “About ‘Sua Tela Tontanti’ The History of the RNZAOC

  1. Kevin Dreyer

    Hi Rob. Love the site. but found it devoid of recent history; ie there’s a whole raft of grumpy old gits (well several of us anyway) who could well fill in some of the detail of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. As an example I did actually serve with 1 Comp Ord when it had the laundry platoon – but don’t remember that much about it. Went from there to Vietnam (2 AOD as Planning Officer just before the withdrawal)and then to NZAOD Singapore and then back to BSB etc. Would be happy to try and co-ordinate my generation to fill out the site., Could well be a thankless task but….

    Liked by 1 person

    • rneilmckie

      Thanks Kevin, glad you are enjoying the site. Its a work in progress and there are articles from more recent times in the pipeline. Any contributions are more than welcome,


  2. David Thompson (Thommo)

    Hi Rob, An awesome site and great to see the old Pataka magazines as well, brought back lots of memories Keep up the good wok!!


    • rneilmckie

      Thanks Thommo, Glad you are enjoying the site, keep watching as there is more content in the pipeline and as I research more I am adding additional details to existing pages.

      Cheers Rob


  3. Dave Morris

    You might say, ‘Someone’s gotta do it.’ I’ll chip in whenever, but I am not up to doing the task. Count on me.


  4. Kerry Grassam

    Hi Rob, I have just returned from a RNZASC/ RNZCT reunion at Whangarei, as I was in RNASC in regular force 1963 -66..On joining the TF ,in the late seventies I joined up with RNZAOC, in 3 Bath platoon at Burnham. While at reunion I found out RNZAOC, RNZASC RNZEME, All were almagamated to form the RNZALR. Can you tell me if this is correct, also is there any members who still about from 3Bath Platoon. Regards H41062 GRASSAM K M ( Kerry Grassam)


    • rneilmckie

      Hi Kerry, yes I can confirm that the RNZAOC, RNZASC RNZEME were all amalgamated to form the RNZALR on the 8thof December 1996. I am not sure how many from 3 Bath Platoon are still around but I will put a note on the RNZAOC Facebook page and see who we can find. I hope you find this site informative and take the time to subscribe. I attempt to add new content each week and welcome any contributions and feedback.


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