NZAOC June 1924 to May 1925


The strength of the NZAOC on the 31st of May 1925 was 114, consisting of:

  • 6 Officers,
  • 97  Permanent Other Ranks,
  • 11 Temporary Other Ranks

Key Appointments

 Director of the Ordnance Service

  • Major Thomas Joseph King, NZAOC

Chief Ordnance Officer, Trentham

  • Major Thomas Joseph King, NZAOC

Northern Command Ordnance Officer

Central Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captain F. E. Ford, NZAOD

Southern Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captain A.R.C White, NZAOD

Ordnance Depots

Ngaruawahia Camp

At Ngaruawahia Camp, a railway-siding has been completed, and a branch line into the camp is under construction. and the provision of buildings for Ordnance stores was receiving consideration.

Trentham Camp

Trentham Camp continued to be maintained, with the temporary buildings that housed the very valuable equipment at this depot requiring replacement in the near future with permanent fireproof buildings.

Burnham Camp

Burnham Camp continued to be maintained and improved. Additional Ordnance storehouses were necessary, and their provision effected as finances permit.

Fire Prevention

The question of fire-prevention at Featherston, Trentham, and Burnham had received attention. Up-to-date motor-engines were provided for Trentham and Featherston, and a powerful hand-drawn engine transferred from Featherston to Burnham, where the concentrated nature of the depot permitted it to be used to much greater advantage. At all depots, the staff were properly organized and trained to act as fire brigades, while trained fire-brigade men are in charge of the engines and fire-fighting equipment.


The provision of proper magazine accommodation had become a matter of urgency. At Ngaruawahia Camp considerable progress had been made in the construction of magazines for gun ammunition, two being practically completed, while several others were in the course of erection.  Construction on a small-arms-ammunition magazine was due to commence. A small-arms-ammunition magazine was practically completed at both Trentham and Burnham Camps.


Improvements had been effected in Ordnance workshops, with improved and additional machinery installed, and a  workshop established at Devonport in  Auckland. Theses workshops shops would be kept fully employed in repair and maintenance work, and in keeping the equipment in New Zealand up to date in accordance with improvements and alterations decided on from time to time by the War Office.

Stores Accounting

The system of accounting for stores was very satisfactory, with few losses occurring, particularly when the nature of the NZAOC transactions —issues to some forty thousand individuals and the erection and dismantling of numerous canvas training-camps, etc. The losses that did occur were confined almost entirely to

  • loss of equipment of untraceable trainees,
  • losses in transit,
  • minor shortages in some of the innumerable articles used at the various training camps.


The sale of surplus stores was still proceeding, with business is slackening off, and the special staff employed on this work is being reduced from time to time. The prices realized, were so much higher than were obtainable by other methods of sale that the retention of the present method was warranted in the public interest. A method of conducting sales at various centres throughout the country was inaugurated.


The gradual exhaustion of war-time stocks of clothing necessitated fresh supplies being purchased to provide requirements for the Territorial Force and Cadets, with provision made in the estimates accordingly.

1925 Releases

Private David Miller
Private James Albert Robins

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