A Snapshot of the RNZAOC – 4 December 1996

Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps, 1955-1996 Gilt, Silver & Enamel Officers Badge. Robert McKie collection

On 4 April 1996, the New Zealand Army Chief of the General Staff, Major General Piers Reid, signed a directive to establish a fully integrated logistic function in the New Zealand Army, intending to improve logistic support in both operational and operational and non-operational environments. The integrated logistic organisation would combine the three separate Corps into a single Regiment.

On 9 December 1996, Offices and Soldiers of the Royal New Zealand Corps of Transport, Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps, Royal New Zealand Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Storemen and Stores Managers of the

  • Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
  • Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Engineers
  • Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals
  • Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
  • Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps

marched onto parade grounds on each camp and base, where the Flags of the RNZCT, RNZAOC and RNZEME were lowered, the headdress of parading soldiers replaced, the flag of the Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment (RNZALR) was raised, and all parading Officers and Soldiers marched off as members of the RNZALR.

With the formation of the RNZALR approved on 4 April 1996 and the ceremonial establishment facilitated on 9 December, the administrative changeover of Officer sand Soldier from their legacy Corps into the RNZALR had been processed as of 5 December 1996. This article provides a snapshot of the Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps on 4 December 1996.

Key Appointments

RNZAOC Colonel-in-Chief

  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Regimental Colonel

  • Col L Gardiner, 19 September

Colonel Commandant

  • Lieutenant Colonel AJ Campbell

Supply Wing, Army Logistic Centre

Chief Instructor

  • Major H.B Cockburn

Warrant Officer Supply

  • Warrant Officer Cass One W.N Vince


The strength of the RNZAOC on 4 December 1996 was 371 Officers and Soldiers

By Rank

By Trade

The Other Rank Trades of the RNZAOC consisted of five trades

On 5 December 1996, the RNZAOC other ranks trades were reclassified as

  • Suppliers, Instructor Supply, AP’s, Storemen and Store managers were reclassified as Supply Quartermasters (SupQM) RNZALR
  • Ammunition Technicians to Ammunition Technicians RNZALR
  • Clerks and Manager Administration as Administrators RNZALR

Note: The RNZAOC Motor Trimmer’s Trade was transferred to RNZEME on 7 November 1994.

Rank by Trade


Note: Ten Officers were qualified as Ammunition Technical Officers (ATOs)

By Arm



Length of Service

Note: Five serving RNZOAC members had previous service in Corps, which had been previously disbanded.

  • One from the New Zealand Army Woman’s Corps (NZWRAC).
  • Five from the Royal New Zealand Army Service Corps (RNZASC).

2 thoughts on “A Snapshot of the RNZAOC – 4 December 1996

  1. Clarkie

    Good Lord! i didn’t realise I was only one of four ex RNZASC on the day. Thought there would have been more of us even then.


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