A video snapshot of NZAOD

From1974 to 1989 the New Zealand Advanced Ordnance Depot operated out of the naval basin of the former Royal Navy dockyard at Sembawang, Singapore providing ordnance support to the New Zealand Forces based in Singapore.

Consisting of around 25 Military Staff and 75  Locally Employed Civilians NZAOD provided all of the services of a New Zealand based Ordnance Depor including something unique to NZAOD, the provision of Accommodation Services for the 300 plus fully furnished married Quarters, the Fernleaf centre and Dieppe Barracks.

Taken in 1982, the quality and sound is not  the best, but the links to videos provide a snapshot of the activities of NZAOD;

NZAOD Unit Parade 1982


Workshops Stores Section

NZAOD Unit Photo

Formal Dinner

Around the New Zealand Ordnance Depot

Cool Store


DSS Dieppe Barracks

Community Facility’s

House packing

Ration Pack Production Line

Single Soldier Accommodation


Copyright © Robert McKie 2018

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