NZAOC June 1927 to May 1928


The Strength of the NZAOC on the 31st of May 1928 was 118, consisting of;

  • 8 Officers
  • 103  Permanent Other Ranks
  • 7 Temporary Other Ranks

Key Appointments

Director of Ordnance Services

  • Major Thomas Joseph King, NZAOC

Inspecting Officer Ordnance and Ordnance Mechanical Engineer

  • Major W Ivory, RNZA

Inspecting Ordnance Officer

  • Lieutenant A. de T. Nevill, RNZA

Northern Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captain F. E. Ford, NZAOC

Central Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captain H. H. Whyte, M.C, NZAOC

Southern Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captian A.R.C White, NZAOC

Ordnance Officer (Provision)

  • Lieutenant H. E. Erridge, NZAOC



To make good wastage due to retirements, Six Other Ranks were enlisted into the NZAOC during this year.

Ordnance Depots

Ngaruawahia Camp

The development of Ngaruawahia Camp was now in its final stages. During the year the large Ordnance Store building had been completed, and the stores from the Ordnance Depot at  Mount Eden were being transferred to it. Two additional short railway-sidings: one off the main siding, and one off the Ordnance Depot siding,  to facilitate sorting of trucks and disposal of empties had also been completed. The Ordnance Office was in use, while the Ordnance workshop and small-arms-ammunition magazine areas were approaching completion.  Four married quarters for Ordnance personnel were erected and completed during the year. Two high-explosive magazines were completed with an additional three high-explosive magazines and laboratory, and the provision of mains and equipment for fire-prevention nearing completion

Trentham Camp

At Trentham Camp, minor improvements had been effected, and the electrical change-over enabling the independent-power plant to be dispensed with was completed. Roads in the camp were receiving attention, while the numerous wooden buildings had been painted and otherwise maintained in good order.

Burnham Camp

Burnham Camp had been maintained, and the water-supply system completed.

Personnel Movements -June 1927 to May 1928


  • 1014 Wheeler-Articifer R.S.V Rowe in the Temporary Section of the NZAOC on 14 June 1927
  • 1016 Private E.W Hughes into the Permanent Section of the NZAOC


  • Captain E. H. Sawle, NZAOC

Copyright © Robert McKie 2018


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