NZAOC June 1925 to May 1926


The strength of the NZAOC on the 31st of May 1926 was 118, consisting of:

  • 7 Officers
  • 104 Permanent Other Ranks
  • 7 Temporary Other Ranks

Key Appointments

Director of Ordnance Services

  • Major Thomas Joseph King, NZAOC

Inspecting Ordnance Officer

  • Lieutenant A. de T. Nevill, RNZA

Northern Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captain F. E. Ford, NZAOC

Central Command Ordnance Officer

  • Captain H. H. Whyte, M.C., NZAOC

Southern Command Ordnance Depot

  • Captian A.R.C White, NZAOC

Ordnance Depots

Ngaruawahia Camp

At Ngaruawahia work commenced on the large Ordnance Store building, which when completed would absorb the stores located at Mount Eden and at Featherston Camp and enable the temporary buildings in those camps to be dismantled. Five magazines for gun-ammunition and high explosives and the earthwork for five others were also completed at Ngaruawahia Camp. Five additional magazines for gun-ammunition and one for small-arms ammunition were planned to be constructed in 1927. Additional building planned for the next year included;

  • four additional married quarters,
  • Ordnance Office, and
  • workshops.

Trentham and Burnham Camps

These camps continued to be maintained, with no further development and improvement postponed till funds are available with the priority being the development of Ngaruawahia Camp. The small-arms ammunition magazines at Trentham and Burnham Camps were completed and taken into use.

The Ordnance workshops were being gradually extended and improved by the introduction of modern machinery, enabling the repair and necessary alterations to equipment and armament.


Vacancies for qualified Tent repairers and Store-men and were advertised for employment in Burnham Camp were advertised. Rates of pay were to commence at the rate of;

  • Single £5 3s l0d per week;
  • Married £5 15s 6d per week.

Vacancies were also advertised for an experienced Sail-maker and Storeman for the Ordnance Depot at Mount Eden, Auckland. The requirements for the applicant were to be aged under 25 and able to pass a medical exam. The position was for a period of five years with contributions to the Superannuation fund. Daily rate of pay was to commence at the rate of ;

  • Single 12s (seven day week)
  • Married 13a 8d.

Vacancies were also advertised for experienced a Wheeler for appointment as Wheeler in the Ordnance Workshops, Wellington District. Commencing pay was at the rate of:

  • Single, £5 3s 10d per -week;
  • married, £5 15s 6d per week.

Accounting System

The Cost Accounting system of accounting for stores remained satisfactory, and losses had been reduced to a minimum. Periodical inspections by officials of the Audit Department have shown in every instance that the accounts were being well kept and the stores are properly safeguarded.


The sale of surplus stores by the Disposal Depot continued. The retention of the Disposal Depot enabled uniform clothing which each year becomes unsuitable for the issue to the Forces to be dry-cleaned, renovated, dyed, and sold at reasonable prices to the general public. Although the receipts were less than in previous years, the business carried out was still considerable, and, as stated in previous years, the prices realized were much higher than those obtainable by other methods of sale that the retention of the present method was warranted in the public interest. The further exhaustion of war-time stocks of clothing necessitates an increasing annual expenditure to provide requirements for the Territorial Force and Cadets, and the clothing item on the estimates shows a corresponding increase.

Personnel Movements – June 1925 to May 1926

Enlistments into the Permanent Section of the NZAOC

  • 1001 Private Gordon Cumming Bremner
  • 1004 Private James Johnston Bolt
  • 1009 Private John Campbell Myers

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