Honours and Awards gained by New Zealand Ordnance Officers and Soldiers, 1915-1996

From 1915 to 1996 the following Honours and Awards were awarded to members of the;

  • New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps (NZEF), 1915 – 1921
  • New Zealand Army Ordnance Department, 1917 – 1924
  • New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps, 1917 – 1947
  • New Zealand Ordnance Corps, 1940 – 1946
  • Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps, 1947 – 1996

Military Cross

Military Cross
Military Cross. NZDF

The Military Cross was created on 28 December 1914 to be awarded to officers in recognition of “an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land.


  • Temporary Captain Frank David Barry

For extreme devotion to duty, great determination and remarkable skill under difficult and hazardous circumstances. As OME of 15 Light Aid Detachment in the Libyan campaign of November – December 1941 he displayed great coolness under fire and inspired both his unit and other nearby units with confidence during the critical days of 29-30 November at Bel Hamed. During the recent fighting on the El Alamein line he constantly displayed initiative of the highest degree in repairing vehicles under extremely difficult conditions whist his recovery work was particularly outstanding. Night after night he recovered vehicles and guns from our forward minefields, and on many occasional he recovered vehicles and guns, both our own and enemy, from ‘No Mans Land’ and even German minefields. Due almost entirely to his efforts, eight 6-pdrs and three 50mm anti-tank guns were recovered and pout into fighting order in a very short time at a critical stage of the Al Alamein battle , and all this was done in addition to the normal repair and maintenance of his own unit – the 7th NZ Anti-Tank Regiment. His work has been really outstanding in this respect and he has been an inspiration to the whole NZ Ordnance Corps.




Military Medal

Military Medal. Wikipedia Commons

The Military Medal was created on 25 March 1916 to be awarded as the Other Ranks equivalent to the Military Cross.


  • Private Mervyn William Curtis

During a heavy air attack on Maleme aerodrome on 15 May 1941, Pte Curtis was acting as a member of a machine gun section which had been located on the eastern perimeter of the aerodrome. A British ‘Gladiator’ machine was shot down and made a forced landing on the beach in front of one of the gun pits. the plane overturned and the pilot was pinned in his seat, upside dawn and was unable to extricate himself. Although an enemy plane was attempting to set fire to the damages British plane with incendiary bullets, Pte Curtis ran forward and freed the pilot from his parachute harness and took him back to safety.


  • Sergeant Claude Rex Pulford




Companions of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO)


The Distinguished Service Order was instituted in 1886 and awarded for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime. The DSO was awarded to over 300 New Zealanders during both World Wars.


  • Captain William Thomas Beck

For distinguished service in the field during the operations at the Dardanelles


  • Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Henry Herbert

This officer had paid the greatest attention to his work and by his care and

attention to detail has very considerably reduced the wastage in the Division,

thereby effecting very material economy. I confidently recommend him for an award.




Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is a British order of chivalry established on 4 June 1917 by King George V. The five classes of appointment to the Order are, in descending order of precedence:

  • Knight Grand Cross or Dame Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE)
  • Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE)
  • Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE)
  • Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE)
  • Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)

The British Empire Medal is affiliated with the order, but its members are not members of the order.


Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. NZDF


  • Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Edward Pilkington


  • Brigadier Thomas Joseph King


  • Brigadier Allan Huia Andrews


  • Brigadier Piers Martin Reid




Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Officer of the Order of the British Empire with 1917-35 Ribbon. NZDF


  • Temporary Major Charles Ingram Gossage
  • Major Norman Joseph Levien
  • Major Thomas James McCristell


  • Lieutenant-Colonel Allan Huia Andrews

Lt-Col Andrews as ADOS 2 NZ Division in the campaigns in Greece, Libya and the Western Desert displayed conspicuous skill and organising ability under difficult circumstances. As ADOS he has had the responsibility of the initial equipping of units of the Division, and by far the most difficult part of keeping units equipped to strength during battle, as well as the responsibility to the technical services of the NZOC. His organising ability, determination and skill have been an inspiration to all with whom he came in contact. In the battle of El Alamein he displayed executional organizing ability and untiring zeal in replacing unit equipment which had been lost or damaged in battle, and by his efforts in this direction fighting units were given added striking power.


  • Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Leonard Guy Bown


  • Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Reid


  • Major Francis Anness Bishop (For service in Malaya 1Jan-31 July 1960)


  • Lieutenant-Colonel Henry McKenzie Reid


  • Lieutenant-Colonel Edward William Whiteacre


  • Brigadier Malcolm John Ross

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Member of the Order of the British Empire MBE
Member of the Order of the British Empire MOD UK


  • Major Norman Joseph Levien


  • Captain David Nicol


  • Temporary Captain George Douglas Pollock


  • Lieutenant Colonel John Owen Kelsey
  • Second Lieutenant Neville John Rollison


  • Warrant Officer Class Two Alan Frank
  • Captain William Charles Hastings
  • Lieutenant George Rupert Gable

This officer has, by ingenuity and improvisation, showed great initiative and ability in overcoming difficulties and in carrying out his work during the whole period of his services in Fiji, New Caledonia, Guadalcanal, Vella Lavella and Green Island. In so doing he has set an outstanding example to his men in carrying out their work of maintaining the division’s equipment at a high standard of serviceability.


  • Captain (Temporary Major) Harold Cordery
  • Major Frank Arthur Jarrett
  • Second Lieutenant Desmond Godfrey Leitch
  • Temporary Warrant Officer Class One Herbert James Shepherd


  • Lieutenant Bernard Ewart Woodhams


  • Warrant Officer Class One Edward Coleman


  • Warrant Officer Class One William Sampson Valentine


  • Colonel Geoffrey John Hayes Atkinson


  • Major Francis Anness Bishop


  • Lieutenant and Quartermaster Henry Williamson


  • Staff-Sergeant Robert James Plummer


  • Major Jack Harvey


  • Warrant Officer Class One Henry Eric Luskie


  • Warrant Officer Class Two Ian Mac Stevenson


  • Warrant Officer Class One Barry Stewart


  • Warrant Officer Class Two Brian Michael Colbourne


  • Major and Quartermaster Edward Vennel Sweet


  • Captain Michael Anthony Mendonca

British Empire Medal (BEM)

Medals awarded to the NZDF. WW2  War Medal. Obverse.
British Empire Medal. NZDF


  • Staff Sergeant Patrick Arthur Fear


  • Staff Sergent William Alexander Sammons


  • Sergeant (temporary) James Russell Don

“Sgt Don consistently carried out his duties in the Korean Sub-Depot of the Commonwealth Ammunition Depot in a most praiseworthy manner by his personal conduct and leadership he set a find (sic) example at all time to the troops under his command. He worked with untiring energy in supervising the receipt and issue of ammunition and never failed when day and night demands from the forward areas were heavy. He rendered services in excess of what is normally expected of an NCO of his rank”


  • Staff-Sergeant (Temporary) Maurice William Loveday


  • Warrant Officer Class Two (Temporary)
    Ian McDonald Russell


  • Staff-Sergeant Robert James Plummer


  • Staff Sergeant Leslie Mullane


  • Corporal Tere William Kururangi


  • Temporary Warrant Officer Class Two Peter Gordon Barnes (Territorial Force)


  • Warrant Officer Class Two Tony John Harding
  • Corporal Richard Stuart Tyler


  • Warrant Officer Class Two Ross Charles Fearon


Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)

Meritorious Service Medal. NZDF

The Meritorious Service Medal was awarded between 1898 and 2013. initially instituted by British Royal Warrant on 28 April 1898 as an award for Warrant Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Army.

Between 1985 and October 2013, the Meritorious Service Medal was awarded for meritorious service of twenty-one years or more and recipients must have already held a long service and good conduct medal. The number of army personnel holding the award was restricted to twenty serving Army personnel.

Nearly all recipients of this medal have been of the rank of Sergeant or above. However, in the early 20th Century some awards were made to lower ranks. The last Royal Warrant (1985) specified that only those with the substantive rank of Sergeant could be considered for award of the medal.


  • Warrant Officer Class One Wilhelm Henchcliffe Simmons

This NCO has performed all his duties with conspicuous ability and has contributed to the efficiency of his Corps.


  • Armourer Sergeant Quartermaster Sergeant George Bush
  • Armourer Sergeant Clarence Guy Charles Wagg

For conspicuous ability as Armourer Sergeant in charge of Divisional Armourers and through his energy and application, over one hundred Lewis and Vickers Guns, brought in by Salvage Companies, were repaired and put into action at a critical period of the Passchendaele offensive


  • Staff Sergeant Major (Honorary Lieutenant) Albert Austin
  • Warrant Officer Class One (Conductor) Arthur Gilmore
  • Armourer Sergeant Percival James Lister

For consistent devotion to duty. 9/119 Arm Sergeant Percival James Lester has done consistently good work as Armourer Sergeant of this Battalion. Possessing exceptional mechanical and good inventive ability, he has to his routine duties, designed and constructed several forms of apparatus intended to improve the handling of Lewis gun etc., He has been unsparing in his endeavours to keep efficient the arms and other mechanical appliances in use by the unit, working long hours to do everything possible for the good of the ordnance of the Battalion

  • Conductor John Goutenoire O’Brien
  • Conductor Mark Leonard Hathaway
  • Warrant Officer Class One (Conductor) Clarence Adrian Seay

For long and valuable service. This NCO has done continuous good work and has performed his duties in a most excellent manner. As Senior Warrant Officer, with the New Zealand Ordnance Department, his work has been of a most arduous character and has frequently involved him in situations which have called for a display of energy and initiative. In an advance the necessity of clean clothing and socks etc., for the fighting troops is sometimes very acute. Conductor Seay on his energy and ability has at times been of the greatest assistance to the DADOS in administrating a very important branch of the service.


  • Armourer Sergeant Quartermaster Sergeant John Alexander Adamson
  • Private Patrick Keeshen
  • Staff Sergeant David Llewellyn Lewis


  • Corporal John Francis Hunter


  • Private Charles William Marshall
  • Warrant Officer Class One Thomas Webster Page


  • Staff Sargent Saddler George Alexander Carter
  • Armourer Staff Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas Reid Inch
  • Armourer Sergeant Harold Victor Coyle Reynolds


  • Corporal Edgar Charles Boalt
  • Armourer Sergeant Andrew Archibald Young


  • Warrant Officer Class One Michael Joseph Lyons


  • Private William Valentine Wood


  • Lance Corporal William Terrington Popple
  • Sergeant Albert Edward Shadbolt
  • Corporal Earnest John Williams


  • Warrant Officer Class Two Samuel Thomson


  • Corporal Philip Alexander Mackay
  • Sergeant Edward Ashton Waters


  • Warrant Officer Class One Arthur Sydney Richardson


  • Warrant Officer Class One Percy Charles Austin
  • Warrant Officer Class One John William Dalton
  • Warrant Officer Class One Eric John Hunter


  • Warrant Officer Class One Bertram Buckley
  • Warrant Officer Class One Willian Charles Hastings


  • Warrant Officer Class One William Galloway


  • Warrant Officer Class One Bernard Percy Banks
  • Warrant Officer Athol Gilroy McCardy


  • Warrant Officer Class One Maurice Sidney Phillips


  • Staff Sergeant Kevin Patrick Anderson
  • Warrant Officer Class One Murray Alexander Burt


  • Warrant Officer Class One Earnest Maurice Bull
  • Warrant Officer Class One John Bernard Crawford
  • Warrant Officer Class One Alick Claud Doyle
  • Warrant Officer Class One Hector Searl McLachlan
  • Warrant Officer Class One Douglas Keep Wilson


  • Warrant Officer Class One Barry Stewart
  • Warrant Officer Class One David Gwynne Thomas


  • Warrant Officer Class One George Thomas (Rockjaw) Dimmock


  • Warrant Officer Class Two Ian McDonal Russell


  • Warrant Officer Class One Bryan Nelson Jennings


  • Warrant Officer Class One Alexander Harvey McOscar


  • Warrant Officer Class One David Andrew Orr
Dave Orr 2
Warrant Officer Class One (Conductor) Dave Orr receiving his MSM from the Commander NZ Force SEA, Brigadier Burrows 1982. Joe Bolton Collection


  • Warrant Officer Class One Anthony Allen Thain


  • Warrant Officer Class One David Wayne Kneble

Mentioned in Dispatches (MID)

A Mentioned in Dispatches award was awarded when a serviceman’s name appeared in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high command, in which his or her gallant or meritorious service was described.


  • Captain William Thomas Beck


  • Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Henry Herbert


  • Staff Quartermaster-Sergeant Reginald Pike


  • Armourer-Sergeant Charles Mervyn Abel

For distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty during the period 16th September 1918 to 15th March 1919

  • Captain Charles Ingram Gossage

For distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty during the period 16th September 1918 to 15th March 1919

  • Corporal Matthew Henderson

For distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty during the period 16th September 1918 to 15th March 1919.

  • Warrant Officer First Class (Conductor) Clarence Adrian Seay


  • Staff Sergeant Stanley Copley Bracken
  • Private John Wilson Wallace


  • Second Lieutenant Thomas Lindsay Cooper
  • Captain Donald Edward Harper
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Owen Kelsey


  • Captain John Brodie Andrews
  • Captain Gordon Stanley Brash
  • Staff Sergeant Allen Anthony McMahon
  • Lance Corporal Colin James Ross
  • Staff Sergeant John Bell Taylor
  • Warrant Officer Class One Robert William Watson


  • Staff Sergeant Francis William Thomas Barnes
  • Honorary Major Conrad William Owen Brain
  • Staff Sergeant Henry France
  • Corporal Lewis James Garnham
  • Corporal Robert Love Gibbs
  • Lieutenant Colonel Donald Edward Harper
  • Captain Robert Clay Jones
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Owen Kelsey
  • Warrant Officer Class Two Thomas Edward Lawson
  • Corporal Charles Hector Lorrett
  • Private William McCullough
  • Warrant Officer Class Two Alexander Douglas McKenzie
  • Captain Harrison Lee McLaren
  • Warrant Officer Class Two Robert Morrison
  • Sergeant Arthur William Thomas Pearce
  • Staff Sergeant Lionel Pedersen
  • Corporal Stanley Hewitson Phillips
  • Warrant Officer Class Two James Pilgrim
  • Staff Sergeant John Frederick Popenhagen
  • Warrant Officer Class Two James Roughan
  • Private John Edwin Sanders
  • Corporal Gilbert Scarrott
  • Warrant Officer Class One Julius John Charles Schultz
  • Private Charles Edward Sumner
  • Corporal Thomas Henry Sunley
  • Sergeant Peter Llewellyn Wagstaff


  • Corporal Harding George Bommer
  • Warrant Officer Class Two Thomas Clifford Catchpole
  • Sergeant John Earnest Donoghue
  • Private Vernon Charles Goodwin
  • Lance Corporal Herbert Ernest Edwin Green
  • Sergeant Leslie Louis Merlin Hallas
  • Major Hugh France Hamilton
  • Private Charles Wesley Helliwell
  • Corporal Douglas Haig Spence Hunter
  • Lance Corporal Arthur Leask
  • Corporal William Hugh McIntyre
  • Lance Corporal Jack Clifford Miller
  • Captain Harold Oakley Nuttall
  • Private Albert Nuttridge
  • Private Edwin Albert Oberg
  • Captain Ronald Stroud
  • Captain Edwin Charles Sutcliffe
  • Second Lieutenant Ian Talbot
  • Driver Maurice Joseph Trewarn
  • Private Charles Sutcliffe West
  • Corporal Robert Yates


  • Corporal Jack Stanley Wooster (Recommended)


  • Captain and Quartermaster (temporary) David
    Ralph Hughes

Legion of Merit

Legion of merit. Wikipedia Commons

The Legion of Merit is a United States military award that is given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. The decoration is issued to members of the United States and foreign militaries.


  • Lieutenant-Colonel Maurice Salmon Myers.

Colonel Myers has been head of the Ordnance Service of this division since its arrival in the South Pacific area in November 1942. Throughout his employment in this capacity he has rendered signal service to the division, notably in regard to the procurement of equipment which has been supplied to us through American sources. Without his careful foresight and planning the equipment problems of the Third New Zealand Division would have been much greater than they proved to be.

Armed Forces Honour Medal 2nd Class

South Vietnam Honour Medal 2nd class

The Armed Forces Honour Medal was a South Vietnamese medal awarded to any member of the military who actively contributed to the formation and organisation of the Vietnamese military in South Vietnam. The medal was intended for non-combat achievements. The second class medals were awarded to warrant officers and enlisted personnel.

  • Staff Sergeant  G.W. Byrom
  • Sergeant B.R. Swain


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http://www.vietnamwar.govt.nz/help, (Ministry for Culture and Heritage),

Copyright © Robert McKie 2017

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