ANZUK Supply Platoon

These are a series of photos from an album I was surprised to discover in a Wellington second-hand shop. The collection spans from 1971 to 1979 and provides a photographic history of the ANZUK Supply Depot (1971-74) and the New Zealand Supply Platoon (1974-89).

RFA Tideflow

RFA Tideflow. Robert McKie collection

ANZUK Supply Platoon

The ANZUK Supply Platoon was the ANZUK unit responsible for providing foodstuffs and POL (petrol oil lubricants) to the ANZUK Force (1971-1974). Under the command of the Commander Royal Australian Army Service Corp (CRAASC), it was a tri-nation unit, with members drawn from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

It was formed at a time when the three different armies were rationalising their Supply functions from an Army Service Corp (ASC) Responsibility to an Ordnance Corp responsibility, and as a result, the unit was a mix of Royal Army Ordnance Corp and Australian and New Zealand Army Service Corp personnel. The United Kingdom changed in 1965, creating the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT), with the ASC Supply responsibilities taken over by the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Australia followed suit in 1973 and New Zealand in 1979.

With the withdrawal of the British and Australians from Singapore, the ANZUK Supply Depot changed ownership and became the NZ Supply depot in 1974, continuing under RNZASC control until 1979 and then RNZAOC control until 1989, when New Zealand withdrew its forces from Singapore.

Located in the north-eastern section of the former HM Naval Dockyard, Sembawang, Singapore, the ANZUK Supply Depot occupied the cluster of buildings that were the former Royal Navy Victualling and Storing Office and Victualling Depot (SVSO and Vict Depot).

Originally announced in 1923, construction of the Naval Dockyard was completed in 1939, at a staggering cost of £60 million – equivalent to £2½ billion in 2006, paid for by the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The base covered 21 square miles (54 km2) and had the most significant dry dock in the world, the third-largest floating dock, fuel tanks to support the entire British Navy for six months and a host of workshops, warehouses and accommodation. With the withdrawal of British forces from Singapore starting in 1968, most of the Naval Base was handed over to the Singapore government, with the area adjacent to the Stores basin retained for use by the residual Commonwealth, then New Zealand Forces.

Royal Navy Dockyard, Singapore

Map of Royal Navy Dockyard, Singapore. Robert McKie Collection


Map of Store Basin, Royal Navy Dockyard, Sembawang, Singapore. Robert McKie Collection



Dry provision store 1971. Robert McKie collection

20170319_091247 (002)

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Current dry store area, proposed as office accommodation, 1971. Robert McKie collection

Cold Store


Aerial view of ANZUK Supply Depot Cool-store, 1971. Robert McKie Collection

20170319_090705 (002)

Cool-store area entrance, 1971. Robert McKie Collection

20170319_090716 (002)

Cool-store area and waiting area, 1972. Robert McKie collection

20170319_090725 (002)

Cool-store refrigeration plant and operators, 1972. Robert McKie Collection

POL Store


Main bulk dry store – POL Store, proposed new petrol point site, 1971. Robert McKie collection


The site for proposed area for petrol pumps, 1971. Robert McKie collection

ANZUK Supply Depot 1972


ANZUK SUPPLY DEPOT STAFF 1972 Robert McKie Collection

Standing L to R: Cpl Parker, RAASC. Cpl Olderman, RAASC, Cpl Mcintyre, RAOC. Sgt Frank, RAOC. Cpl Rangi, RNZASC. Sgt Locke, RNZASC. Sgt Bust, RAOC. Pte Mag, RAASC. Cpl David, RAASC.

Sitting L to R: Sgt Kietelgen, RAASC. WO2 West, RAOC. Capt Mcnice, RAOC. Maj Hunt, RAASC. Lt Fynn, RAASC. WO2 Cole, RAASC. WO2 Clapton. RAASC

20170318_091031 (002)

WO2 John West (Master Butcher) RAOC, Inspecting live goats before issue to Gurkha Regt at Nee Soon for Sacrificial Purposes. 1972 . Robert McKie Collection

20170319_090824 (002) - Copy

Checking fresh fish consignment, 1973, Left to right: Cpl Mcintyre, RAOC; WO2 John West, RAOC; Cpl Olderman, RAASC, 1973. Robert McKie collection

20170319_090850 (002) - Copy

Supply of provisions to RFA Tideflow, 1973. Robert McKie collection

Checking ‘Live’ consignment of produce to issue to Gurkha Regt at Nee Soon,

20170319_090910 (002)

Sgt Bill Donaghue, RNZASC; Cpl Mcintyre, RAOC: Cpl Olderman, RAASC; WO2 John West RAOC. Robert McKie collection

20170319_090946 (002)

Cpl Mcintyre, RAOC; WO2 John West, RAOC. Robert McKie collection

20170319_091000 (002)

WO2 John West, RAOC; Locally Employed Civilian; Cpl Mcintyre, RAOC. Robert McKie collection

HMY Britannia

Robert McKie Collection


Robert McKie Collection

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