Conductors in the Crusades: An earlier Conductor reference!

Conductor Stories

We are often informed that ‘The Ancient and Honourable’ title of Conductor was first used in 1327 according to the Statute of Westminster of that date.

May I add something to this interesting debate?

The most popular of contemporary accounts of the First Crusade was the anonymous work known as the Gesta Francorum et Aliorum Hierosolimitorum. This account describes, inter alia, that the armies of the First Crusade under the Command of Bohemond I, of Taranto laid siege to Antioch in June 1098. Amongst the senior officers was Stephen Count of Blois. Stephen of Blois was married to Adela the daughter of William the Conqueror and was the father of Stephen 1st of England.

The Gesta Francorum (IX,27) , described Stephen of Blois as having been elected ‘ductor’ of the Army.

This certainly cannot mean that he was appointed Commander in Chief or political leader of the Crusade as he…

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